Q > When is the paragliding flight season?

A> Between 1st May -  15th November. We fly 5 times everyday - time table as listed below

Q > Can we fly during the winter season ?

A > We don't have any scheduled flights during the winter season however we can still do some flying if our guests pre book up to 4 days before the  flight. 

Q > How much does it cost?

A > Per person price is Mail Form  + cable car ticket 

Q > How can Mount Tahtali claim to be the highest tandem paragliding spot in the world despite there being many higher mountains in the world?

A > Of course paragliders do fly from higher mountains than Mount Tahtali. However Tahtali has claimed the highest point due to its altitude difference between take off and landing being the highest in the world (from 2365 mt to 0 mt)

Q > Is it possible to fly even higher after take off?

A > Yes it is highly possible to climb even higher with thermal warm air waves after take off.  We can fly to a maximum of 2500 mt if the conditions are good. It could be possible to go higher than 2500 mt but because of airport traffic we are limited 

Q > How long does each flight take?

A > Flight duration is between 25 min to 45 minutes depending on the weather conditions

Q > Do I need to make a reservation?

A > There is an advantage if you book in advance as most days we are full especially in the high season. You can contact our office on the numbers listed below or you can mail us 0090 242 8214118 - 0090 535 4126879 info@escape2olympos.com

Q > Due to any adverse weather conditions, if the flight is cancelled, what is the procedure? 

A > Firstly, if our guests have time, we are changing reservations for another day.  If your flight is cancelled at the top of the mountain and you have no time for another day we will refund your flight cost or deposit - whichever you paid at reservation  (except the cable car ticket 25 $)

Q > Do you offer a pick up and drop back transfer service?

A > Yes we do! We have a transfer service for our guests.  For Kemer, Camyuva, Kiris and Tekirova area we have a free pick up and drop off service. For guests from Beldibi or Goynuk, the charge is an extra 15 $ per person.

Q > Can my family or friends come to watch my paragliding expreince?

A > Of course your family and friends can join your trip. All you need to do is book an extra transport and cable car transfer  when you make your reservation. Per person cost is Mail Form for transport and cable car.

Q > Can I have a more acrobatic flight?

A > Yes, depending on the weather conditions, you can do a more action filled flight, all you need to do is ask your pilot before the flight or during the flight. If the weather conditions suit these manoeuvres, your pilot will be happy to do them. Please note: Acrobatic manoeuvres can reduce your flight duration.

Q > How can I travel from the Antalya area and beyond?

A>-You can use public transport - there are 3 bus companies working between Konyaalti and the cable car (teleferik) forest entrance every 15 minutes (Camyuva-Tekirova tur. , Cicek tur , Kumluca tur) When you arrive at the teleferik forest entrance you can continue to the cable car bottom station with our transport.  After landing we can transfer you to the public transfer (main road) again. You can use the Olympos Teleferik cable car company's transport service (you can see details on their web page http://www.olymposteleferik.com/english/) If you have your own transport (rent a car or taxi) you can come and park at the landing finish point (Tekirova public beach) and you can continue to the cable car with our transport or you can come directly to the cable car bottom station car park and after landing we can transfer you back to your vehicle. Or privately you can hire our transfer which is ideal for larger groups.

Q > Can I pay with credit card?

A > Yes we accept credit card payment with a %5 commission

Q > Exactly where are the take off and landing spots?

A > Our take off point is Mount Tahtali summit near the cable car summit station at 2365 mt which is the highest mountain in the world on the coast. Our landing area is 9 km (as the bird flies) from the take off point at Tekirova public beach 0 mt sea level

Q > Is there any weight or age limit?

A > For female passengers the weight limit is 90kg and for male passengers this is 110 kg. All passengers should be able to run physically for the take off. The minimum age limit is 5 years old (there is no maximum age limit!)

Q > After landing how can I get back to my vehicle (cable car bottom station car park) or hotel?

A > If you parked your car at the cable car bottom station car park we will give you a lift back.  If you arrived with a travel agency, we will arrange for you to meet with your agent at an arranged spot. If your hotel is in or around Kemer, Camyuva or Tekirova we can transfer you without extra cost.

Q > Can I use my phone or camera during the flight?

A > Until summer 2015, our guests were free to use cameras or phones during the flight. Unfortunately since 2015, because of safety reasons, passengers cannot hold any object during the flights.The reason for this in the past some of our guests dropped their phones and cameras in the air and this is a very big risk for people on the ground. Because of this, holding any object is now banned by the local authority .All our pilots have special safe connection cameras and all flights are videoed and photo recorded and you can buy a copy of your recordings.