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Escape Adventures, Turkey’s Paragliding industry leader, has 20 years of aviation experience from Oludeniz Babadag mountain.

ESCAPE 2 OLYMPOS PARAGLIDING started its Tandem paragliding activity in Antalya Tahtalı Mountain in 2011 giving you the ability to fly with the lightest aviation vehicle taking in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, ancient cities, untouched bays and natural beauty within the boundaries of Beydağları Coastal National Park.

Mount Tahtali which is the highest mountain nearest to the coast is the highest mountain paragliding facility in the world with the height difference of 2,365 meters between take off and landing.
We are proud of having this place for paragliding and the country's tourism.

Over the 6 years 8,500 people flown from Tahtalı Mountain.  We continue to carry out paragliding flights with the highest standards and safety as a priority.

Guests , who want to fly , are transferred from the hotel by comfortable vehicles and experienced drivers. Guests are met at the Escape office by the professional operations team, where registration is completed. The pilots carry out daily weather checks, after which the best departure point and flight route for the weather conditions are determined. Guests are then transported to the Mount Tahtalı cable car station, the greatest feature of mount.  Starting from 750m, the cable car carries 80 people on a 10 minute journey up to the summit at 2365 metres.
During this journey you will have the chance to see the cedar trees and wild animals that are unique to the region and once you reach the summit you then have the opportunity to see the unique panoramic view of the Mediterranean .

Our pilots; Turkish National Team athletes and paragliders are well-known, specialist, tandem pilots in the paragliding arena.

Escape pilots have been carefully selected for your safety and comfort from highly experienced paragliding pilots. They have a minimum of 6 years paragliding experience and 3,000 flight hours is a prerequisite for proficiency. Pilots have at least one of the American, German or Turkish Aviation Association Commercial Tandem Pilot licenses.

Once the pilots have given you a briefing with general information about the flight and landing, what to do during take-off is shown practically. All equipments are checked again after flight suits, flight boots, flight equipment and helmets fitted. When appropriate weather conditions are met, in just a few steps, you will leave the mountain and open the wings to freedom.

With the Escape Paragliding exclusivity, the joy of flight begins and, as the locals say, you will be with the "Wings of the Gods"

During the flight you will witness the most beautiful sights of Antalya; Olympos beach, Çıralı, Tekirova, Phaselis ancient city which is an old pirate bay, 3 islands. You will encounter every shade of blue and green. Kemer, Göynük, Beldibi and even Antalya can easily be seen because of the increase of the visibility in the open air. Every flight you make over the spectacular landscapes is a unique experience.

Guests staying in the Tekirova Region hotels will have the chance to land at their own hotel beach. You will feel privileged and special, and you will want to taste this experience again. You will be flying from the world's highest paragliding area and you will register your name on the world record list.

Flight`s average is 40 minutes and may vary depending on weather conditions. Depending on the weather, 5 times are available daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

The Paragliders used by Escape are manufactured by advanced German technology produced by Swing using the only Ram Air Section Technology in the world which has the feature of providing highest safety measures. Equipment service maintenance is our priority.

If you want to break the highest altitude world record tandem paragliding flight,  Escape2Olympos is the right address for you.


Points to be considered during the flight:

General requirements for passengers:

Passengers need to be able to run at least 3-4 meters!!!

Weight Limits:

Maximum 110 kg for males

Maximum 90 kg for females

Height Limit:

Up to 200 cm

Age Limit:

Minimum 5 years of age


It is not suitable to fly if you suffer from any of the following conditions: Heart disease, respiratory disease, mental problems and living with epilepsy-related problems, such as seizures, pregnant women.Passengers are asked to wear suitable running shoes,All other required equipment is provided.

Total flight time:

Flight time is not guaranteed. Flight time depends on, wind, thermals, and may vary with the total weight of the passenger. A person of 75kg, in normal weather conditions, can fly for 35 minutes. Maximum flight time is 60 minutes.

Flight Schedule:

 Due to a sport so dependent on the weather conditions, to avoid not being able to fly, you should not leave your flight booking to the last days of your vacation.

 In addition, sometimes due to weather conditions, the flight time cannot be guaranteed and it is therefore important not to plan your flight for narrow periods of time

Landing area:

Our landing area is on Tekirova public beach.  For groups flying from the same hotel, we may be able to land at the hotel beach.  However, no guarantee.


Insurance by Anadolu Insurance. All our guests are insured at